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Omid Barkhordar, DDS


Get a Smile Makeover

Receiving a smile makeover can alter your improve your life dramatically. Having crooked, widely spaced, overlapping, turned, missing teeth or if you are simply unhappy with how they look, can be very stressful and worrisome. Getting a dental makeover that is specifically designed for you and your condition is the solution you may want to consider to bring out that perfect smile. Downey Dental Arts will help you achieve the smile of your dreams by coming up with a strategic treatment plan that fits you best. All the stress you may be experiencing from missing teeth or stained/discolored teeth, or oddly-shaped teeth will be gone. You will never have to hide your healthy and beautiful smile again. We are here to help every step of the way.

Do You Need a Makeover for Your Smile?

Do you often find yourself covering your mouth while smiling or laughing due to embarrassment of the condition of your teeth? Our smile makeover process will address every stress or concern you may have into a resolved and personal treatment plan. Depending on the situation, you may need various procedures that will be fully explained to you upon first visitation and we will also check to see what all we can for you.

How Does a Smile Makeover Work?

The first step is to get a full evaluation of your condition. Every person is different. Schedule a consultation with us at our Downey office and find out what your makeover will include. It may involve several processes, including these dental treatments:

  1. Teeth whitening
  2. Braces or Invisalign
  3. Crowns
  4. Veneers
  5. Implants
  6. Bonding

A Customized Makeover

Whatever your situation might be, a smile makeover will be specifically designed for you. You may have healthy teeth but feel that they are misaligned. You may have aligned teeth but stained and want to bring them back to sparkly white. You may not like the shape of certain teeth and wish you could change the appearance. At Downey Dental Arts we employ many various cosmetic procedures that will give you that Hollywood smile you’ve been wanting.

Even if you feel that your teeth are in the worst condition such as missing teeth, decayed teeth or gum disease, or an accident, we can still overcome these boundaries and restore your natural look with our smile makeover process. We may have to replace any teeth if they are missing with an implant, or several implants, and they will function and look like natural teeth. We implant a titanium post in your jaw to help stability as the bone heals around it. We then place a new tooth on the post which will restore the perfection of your smile and help with chewing and eating.

If you are not completely satisfied with the look, or feel that some teeth are misshaped or look odd we can easily fix the issue. We can place dental crowns to enhance your appearance and to resolve any misshaped teeth. Crowns or “caps” cover your natural tooth structure which can resolve most flaws. Crowns can also be used to restore broken or chipped teeth. Those who play sports may break a tooth and need professional restoration to resolve the issue. Dr. Barkhordar is professionalcosmetic dentist and is recognized for his in depth knowledge and ability to use the most modern dental techniques to resolve problems that also may seem impossible.

A Sparkling New Smile

Besides receiving a great boost in your self-confidence, getting a full smile makeover can positively change your life. Your dreams of that picture-perfect smile can be turned into a reality. Veneers can provide perfectly shaped, sparkling white teeth. Dental bonding is a more affordable process to achieve healthy and white teeth. Most people will require various cosmetic procedures in order to see the best results as every situation is created different specifically for every patient.

Schedule Your Smile Makeover Consultation

Are you ready to turn your dreams into a reality and to achieve the smile that will change your life? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Barkhordar at our Downey office. We want to help you build your confidence and improve quality of life through every step. Our friendly and motivated staff are here for you and waiting for your call.

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His staff is super friendly and he’s downtown in a great local. I’m a very happy patient, and love my new dentist. I highly recommend him!

- D.E. Santa Barbara, CA
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Dr. Omid was friendly and courteous. He explained what needed to be done and gave me options. I never felt pressured. I’m glad I found this office.

- V.P. Ventura, CA
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