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Deep Dental Cleaning Downey, CA

At Downey Dental Arts, we know just how important a clean and bright smile is for your health and confidence. Our deep dental cleanings will effectively eliminate all unwanted plaque and bacteria when a traditional cleaning just won't do.

At time passes, plaque and tartar begin to grow on your teeth and can sometimes even develop underneath your gum line. Our expert deep dental cleanings will gently get rid of all plaque and bacteria present, and will leave your smile clean and refreshed.

What is a Deep Dental Cleaning?

A deep dental cleaning is a process in which we clean out any tartar, plaque and bacteria that has collected on your teeth and below the surface of your gums. A deep dental cleaning treatment will be diagnosed if our doctor determines that there is a large amount of harmful plaque and bacteria that can't be eliminated with a normal dental cleaning.

Benefits of a Deep Dental Cleaning

  • Effectively eliminates unwanted bacteria and plaque below the gum line
  • Convenient deep teeth cleaning appointments ensure you can easily maintain your beautiful smile
  • Catches and stops any growing oral health problems
  • Refreshes your smile and restores your confidence

The Process of Getting a Deep Dental Cleaning

You will first be welcomed to our state-of-the-art office for an initial consultation. This will include x-rays and an expert examination from our Dr. Omid Barkhordar. He will then develop a customized dental cleaning plan that perfectly suits your needs.

If Dr. Barkhordar diagnoses that you need a deep dental cleaning, we will begin by carrying out your chosen sedation option, in order to guarantee your cleaning is comfortable and relaxing. We will next gently clean out any existing plaque or bacteria, including any that is present underneath your gum line. Depending on your specific needs and amount of plaque buildup, a deep dental cleaning can take one or more visits to our practice.

Find Out If A Deep Dental Cleaning Is Right For You!

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