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Dental Implants Downey CA

Dental Implants

Dental Implants Downey, CA

Dental implants are the gold standard in restoring missing teeth. An implant is a metal post or screw that is placed in the jawbone. A dental prosthesis is attached to the implant to restore a tooth or teeth that are missing. Patients love dental implants in Downey because they look, feel, and function like natural teeth.

What Is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a metal post, typically made of titanium (though other metals are sometimes used). The post is surgically placed into the jawbone, and it then serves as an anchor just as a natural tooth root does.

After some healing time, the top of the implant is exposed, and an abutment screws into the implant. Then, a dental prosthesis is cemented to the abutment.

A dental prosthesis can include a dental crown or bridge.

Why Do Missing Teeth Need to Be Replaced?

We recommend replacing missing teeth with dental implants in Downey for two reasons.

  • Aesthetics: Replacing missing teeth can provide you with a more attractive smile
  • Function: When you lose a tooth, the adjacent teeth shift to fill the empty space. The shift places undue pressure on certain teeth, increasing the risk of dental issues like cracked or broken teeth. Shifting can also strain the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the face/head/neck, causing a painful condition called TMJ disorder. Dental implants help keep your bite balanced.
Dental Implants Downey CA
Dental Implants in Downey CA

Do Dental Implants in Downey Hurt?

During dental implant surgery, our patients are sedated, so they do not feel anything during the procedure itself. Once the surgery is complete and anesthesia wears off, there will likely be some soreness. Some people also experience some swelling post-surgery.

Ice packs and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications (if you are medically able to take them) can help. You can expect any discomfort to dissipate within a week or two of surgery.

Are Dental Implants Safe?

Dentists have successfully and safely used implants for decades. Researchers have studied which metals are biocompatible so that the implants can properly integrate into the bone without causing any adverse reactions.

Of course, some patients are allergic to certain metals. If this is the case for you, talk to your Downey dentist about your implant options.

How Long Do Dental Implants Take to Heal?

Total recovery and implant-to-bone integration time take approximately six to eight months. However, recovery time depends on each patient and their unique case.

Should I Get Dental Implants If I Have Dentures?

Dental implants in Downey are a great idea for denture patients, and you do not even have to get an implant to replace every tooth.

Using a system called All-on-4, we can place four implants in your upper jaw and four in your lower jaw. Then, we can create dentures that snap onto the implants.

We highly recommend implants for denture patients because it:

  • Increases the stability of their denture
  • Is cost-effective in the long run
  • Keeps the patient’s jawbone healthy and strong
Dental Implants Dentist Downey CA

Why Should You Consider Investing in Dental Implants in Downey?

Dental implants are an ideal way to replace missing teeth. They are easy to care for and look and function just like real teeth. Downey dental implants also are permanent and last for years. If you are ready to create a beautiful smile by restoring missing teeth, talk to your Downey dentist about whether you are a good candidate for dental implants.

Beautifully Restore Missing Teeth with Dental Implants in Downey

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