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Retainers are one of the best ways to maintain a beautiful new smile after braces. Retainers are also sometimes used as a standalone treatment for minor orthodontics issues. Downey Dental Arts offers the latest in technological advancements in retainers to promote a beautiful smile.

What Are Retainers?

Braces and Invisalign® clear aligners are two different methods of straightening teeth. Braces work through a series of brackets and wires that are tightened to slowly straighten teeth. Invisalign® clear aligners are custom-made plastic trays that straighten teeth differently. Retainers work hand in hand with braces and Invisalign® to maintain teeth once they are straightened.

Retainers are removable dental appliances that “retain” the changes made in the teeth with braces and Invisalign®. Sometimes retainers are used instead of these orthodontic treatments to make minor changes in the alignment of the teeth.

What Are the Benefits of Retainers?

Retainers not only help keep your teeth straight, but they also have other benefits. Retainers can potentially help with issues like sleep apnea because they can align the mouth to promote healthy breathing. They can also potentially assist with speech problems. Furthermore, retainers can also help boost the production of saliva and thus decrease plaque, which causes cavities and gum disease.

Retainers in Downey CA
Different Retainer Types in Downey CA

What Are the Different Types of Retainers?

The different types of retainers include Hawley retainers, clear retainers, permanent retainers, and Vivera retainers. Each type of retainer has its benefits. The one we recommend will be determined by what your specific needs are. This is based in part on your current oral health, age, and lifestyle. With innovative new retainer technology, we can easily create custom retainers that fit perfectly. We also offer removable and semi-permanent retainers.

What Is a Hawley Retainer?

One of the most common retainers is called a Hawley retainer. This removable retainer is made out of hard acrylic that serves as the baseplate. This retainer rests against the palate. A metal wire secures the retainer by wrapping around the canine tooth and six anterior incisors.

What Is a Clear Retainer?

Some retainers are designed to be clear and virtually invisible. These clear retainers are made out of see-through acrylic, with a little bit of wire to secure them in place. Professional adults often prefer these types of retainers because they are so discreet.

What Are Permanent Retainers?

While retainers are usually thought of as removable, certain retainers are permanent (or “fixed”). These are situated behind the teeth where they aren’t easily seen. Once put into place, permanent retainers may remain in place for several years.

What Is a Vivera Retainer?

Vivera retainers utilize innovative digital technology – the same used to develop Invisalign® clear aligners – to create virtually invisible retainers that are far more durable than the average retainer.

How Do I Care for My Retainer?

You can use your toothbrush to gently clean your retainer daily. Removable retainers can also be soaked in mouthwash to kill bacteria.

Permanent Retainers in Downey CA

How Much Do Retainers in Downey Cost?

Costs for retainers in Southern California can range from $150 to $800, depending on the type of retainer and whether you need it on one or both arches of the teeth. Your dental insurance plans may help with the cost of your retainer. Downey Dental Arts offers affordable and flexible dental payment plans that can help.

Retainers in Downey

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