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Huntington Park Dentistry

Huntington Park Dentist

Huntington Park is one of the Gateway Cities in southeast Los Angeles. Residents of Huntington Park, California, enjoy 31 acres of parks, including picnic grounds, a skate park, and other athletic facilities. When they need a dentist, they go to Downey Dental Arts, one of the top SoCal dentist offices.

Services We Offer at Downey Dental Arts

At Downey Dental Arts, we are proud to serve the people of Huntington Park with our family friendly dental services. We offer a variety of dentistry services, from your annual dental exam and regular teeth cleaning to more advanced dental offerings such as dental bridges, cosmetic dentistry, and emergency dental services. Here is a sample of what we offer to residents of Huntington Park, California (hablamos Español):

Family Dentistry in Huntington Park, CA

Your kids need the best dental care to get a good start in life. From their first visit to the dentist, to their first permanent tooth, to the day their braces are removed for the "big reveal," Downey Dental Arts can be there every step of the way.

Family Dentistry in Huntington Park, CA
Dental Implants in Huntington Park,CA

Dental Implants in Huntington Park

If you are missing a tooth, don't worry! If you are looking for a dentist offering dental implants in Huntington Park, check out Downey Dental Arts. Our expert dental staff can help determine the best way to restore your teeth, whether a single dental implant or a bridge is needed.

Teeth Whitening in Huntington Park

Do you wish that your teeth could be whiter and more consistent in coloring? Are your teeth stained from coffee drinking or smoking? We help residents of Huntington Park, California with our professional teeth whitening services that make your teeth brighter and more stunning.

Teeth Whitening in Huntington Park, CA
Fluoride Treatment in Huntington Park, CA

Fluoride Treatment in Huntington Park

If you have a family in Huntington Park, California, then you know that kids are prone to cavities. One way to help prevent cavities is through a professional fluoride treatment. We can also offer this type of treatment to adults to help prevent cavities and make teeth stronger.

Root Canal Therapy in Huntington Park

When the root of a tooth is infected due to serious gum decay, this can cause a lot of problems with chronic and sometimes intense pain. Root canal therapy for residents of Huntington Park is available. This dental procedure involves removing the decayed and infected portion of the tooth, including the nerve and tooth pulp. The tooth is cleaned and then sealed. After the root canal, you will feel much better and be able to chew again without pain!

Root Canal Therapy in Huntington Park, CA
Metal Braces in Huntington Park, CA

Metal Braces in Huntington Park

Growing kids often need to have their teeth guided in order to improve their bite as well as appearance. If your child has crooked or gapped teeth, they may need braces in Huntington Park, California. We offer metal braces with all the latest colors to keep your kids happy.


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