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Metal Braces

Metal Braces Downey, CA

Having crooked, uneven teeth can be a great source of shame and embarrassment, especially for kids and teens. Fortunately, this problem can be easily rectified with orthodontic solutions from Downey Dental Arts in Southern California. Metal braces are a safe and time-tested way to straighten crooked teeth and renew a smile.

What Are Metal Braces?

Metal braces have been around for over 100 years and have stood the test of time as a safe and effective method to align crooked and misplaced teeth. Of course, our modern braces are much better than the braces of yesterday. They are smaller, more attractive, and come with colored elastic bands so that you can customize them.

Why Would Someone Need Metal Braces?

Crooked teeth aren’t just an eyesore. They can impact the structure of the bite, making chewing more difficult and less efficient. Crooked teeth crowd out other teeth and can push them out of place. This leads to more problems with the bite. Additionally, teeth that are in the wrong position or too close together can become hard to clean and maintain. They may be more prone to cavities and increase the possibility of gum disease.

How Do Metal Braces Work?

In order for the teeth to be straightened, they have to be gently guided and pushed into place. With metal braces, this is done through a system of brackets and wires. First, the brackets (made of metal, thus the name “metal braces”) are adhered to the front of the tooth. Then the wires are put into place and are secured to the brackets with elastic. The wires are slowly tightened in regular visits to your Downey orthodontist to direct the teeth into the correct position.

Metal Braces Downey CA
Metal Braces Benefits Downey CA

Who Can Wear Metal Braces?

While metal braces are typically seen on children and teens, adults sometimes wear them if they missed out on wearing braces as a child. Typically, children do not wear braces until their adult, permanent teeth come in, starting at around age 8. There is no point in straightening baby teeth that are just going to fall out anyway, although we may sometimes use spacers and other orthodontic appliances to help create room and guide permanent teeth that are on the way in.

What Are the Benefits of Metal Braces?

Metal braces have many benefits, including being cost-effective and reliable. They are often a good option for younger kids who might have a tendency to lose removable orthodontic options such as Invisalign® clear aligners. Metal braces can’t fall out accidentally on the playground, nor can they be left on the lunch table in the cafeteria.

Metal braces are visible, but many kids like being able to decorate them with the many-colored elastic bands now available. While porcelain ceramic braces are less visible, they also take a little longer to work than metal braces because of the difference in materials.

What Are the Downsides of Metal Braces?

Metal braces can be uncomfortable at first, but most kids (and adults) get used to them quickly. Since they are not removable, they can be a little tricky to keep clean, but most kids will get this after some training. Additionally, since braces are not removable, they cannot be taken out for a special event like a prom dance.

What Are Alternatives to Metal Braces?

Two popular alternatives to metal braces are porcelain ceramic braces and Invisalign® clear aligners, both of which we offer here at Downey Dental Arts. Porcelain ceramic braces have the benefit of being less visible, but they take longer than metal braces to do the job. Invisalign® clear aligners are removable see-through plastic trays, and they are popular with older kids and adults.

Invisalign® clear aligners can be easily lost or misplaced by younger children, however, so factor that into your decision making. We will, of course, go over all the options with you when you visit us at Downey Dental Arts in Southern California.

Metal Braces in Downey CA

What Do Metal Braces Cost?

Metal braces are often covered in part by dental insurance plans. At Downey Dental Arts, we also offer affordable payment options via financing that can bring the cost of metal braces to a manageable monthly fee. The total cost varies but could be a few thousand dollars, but it is well worth it to obtain a beautiful and healthy smile. Contact our office if you have questions about the cost of metal braces and financing options.

Straighten Your Teeth with Metal Braces in Southern California

Metal braces are a great way to straighten teeth and create a wonderful new smile. To get started, contact us today by calling (562) 445-3363 to schedule an appointment at Downey Dental Arts.


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