Multiple Teeth Implants Downey CA

Multiple-Teeth Implants

Multiple-Teeth Implants Downey, CA

Multiple-teeth implants are considered the gold standard in dentistry when it comes to restoring multiple missing teeth. If you struggle with eating and speaking comfortably, you may want to consider investing in your oral (and general!) health by getting multiple teeth implants in Downey.

Why Should I Get Multiple-Teeth Implants?

Losing just a single tooth can have a tremendous impact on your health.

It can be hard to chew your food thoroughly, which can adversely impact your digestion and absorption of essential nutrients.

A missing tooth can change the way you speak, contributing, at times, to a lisp of sorts that some find embarrassing.

Losing a tooth can also cause the misalignment of your teeth and jaw joints, which can increase your risk for:

  • Tooth sensitivity or pain
  • Jaw tenderness/facial pain
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Cracked, chipped, or fractured teeth

If losing one tooth can wreak havoc like that, just imaging what missing multiple teeth can do.

Thankfully, you can remedy the situation with single-tooth or multiple-teeth implants. When you invest in this restorative procedure, you will be taking a step toward better oral health and even improved overall health.

Multiple Teeth Implants Downey CA
Multiple Teeth Implants in Downey CA

What Are the Benefits of Multiple-Teeth Implants in Downey?

Dental implants are the standard of care for replacing missing teeth for the following reasons:

  • Implants stop bone resorption (bone loss)
  • They are more comfortable than other options (like partial dentures)
  • Multiple-teeth implants are more stable than other restorative options
  • They help maintain jawbone/facial structure integrity
  • Implants restore your biting and chewing capabilities
  • They preserve the health of adjacent teeth
  • Multiple-teeth implants allow you to eat foods you normally cannot (steak, apples, etc.)
  • Implants look, feel, and function like real teeth
  • You do not have to deal with denture adhesives
  • It is a permanent solution
  • They have a 97% success rate – greater than other tooth replacement options
  • You care for them just like your natural teeth

How Do Multiple-Teeth Implants Work?

If you are missing or are going to lose multiple teeth, you have four main treatment options:

Here is how the implant options work.

Multiple-Teeth Implants

Your Downey dentist replaces each missing tooth with an implant. Typically, none of the implants are fused together. You can floss in between each one just as you do between your natural teeth.

Each implant has three parts:

  • The Post: A titanium post that is surgically implanted into the jawbone – it acts as the root of the tooth
  • The Abutment: This is a metal adjoining unit that screws into the implant and fits into the crown, into which it is cemented
  • The Prosthesis: A crown made of gold or porcelain fused to metal – the part that looks like a tooth
Multiple Teeth Implants Dentistry Downey CA
Multiple Teeth Implants Dentistry in Downey CA

Implant-Supported Bridge

Let’s say you are missing three teeth, but you cannot afford three implant surgeries and three implant crowns.

Instead, you can restore the teeth with a fixed bridge, which consists of two implants in addition to two implant crowns fused to a pontic (a false tooth).

The two implants are placed into the jawbone, leaving a space in between where the third implant would have gone.

Then, a three-unit bridge (the pontic fused to two abutment crowns that fit onto the implants) is fabricated and cemented onto the implants.

While this can be a more affordable option, bridges are not as easy to clean as multiple individual implants.

Are You Ready to Restore Your Missing Teeth?

You do not have to live with missing teeth. There are several options for patients these days. Talk to your Downey dentist about what option fits your oral health and budgetary needs the best.

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