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A key part of the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, South Gate spans 7.4 square miles and offers easy access to the best SoCal has to offer. When needing dental care, residents of South Gate also benefit from being close to Downey Dental Arts, one of the top dentists in the region.

Services We Offer at Downey Dental Arts

If you are looking for a dentist in South Gate, California, you will find nearby Downey Dental Arts to be exactly what you are looking for. With full service dental and orthodontic services, including family dentistry, emergency dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry, we can help. Our many oral health services include:

Dental Cleaning in South Gate, CA

Would you like a healthier smile? Getting a regular dental cleaning — at least twice per year — is recommended for optimal oral health. During a dental cleaning, our expert dental hygienist will gently clean your teeth and remove harmful tartar and plaque buildup. Many dental insurance companies include a free yearly or twice-yearly dental cleaning as part of the insurance package, so there is no need to delay!

Dental Cleaning in South Gate, CA
Pediatric Dentistry in South Gate, CA

Pediatric Dentistry in South Gate

Getting your kids and teens to the dentist may not be an easy task, but it is critical in order to ensure a lifetime of good oral health. Fortunately, our dentists and staff are well-versed in making kids feel at ease in the dentist's chair. We also offer safe sedation options for frightened and anxious children. So if you are looking for a pediatric dentist in South Gate, California, try Downey Dental Arts.

Tooth Extraction in South Gate

If you have a tooth that is infected in South Gate, California, you may be experiencing a lot of pain. Cavities that form in teeth due to plaque and tartar harbor dangerous bacteria that eat away at teeth. This bacteria can also travel to other parts of the body and cause other health issues. If you have a tooth that is decayed it may be best to extract it. We can provide that service as well as give you options for restoring your smile with either a denture, a dental implant or a bridge.

Tooth Extraction in South Gate, CA
Dental Crowns in South Gate, CA

Dental Crowns in South Gate

Whether you need a new dental crown or have an existing crown that needs to be repaired or replaced, we can help. Having a cavity or broken tooth can be uncomfortable and cause issues with chewing. If you need a dental crown in South Gate, California, Downey Dental Arts offers the latest in technologies and materials to provide you with a sturdy and attractive dental crown that will restore your oral health and last for years to come.

Periodontics in South Gate

Gum disease is one of the most common reasons for tooth loss. Periodontics is the diagnosis, treatment, and management of gum disease. If you have bleeding gums or other symptoms of gingivitis, such as tenderness or wobbly teeth, come see us right away. We help many South Gate residents with our expert periodontics services.

Periodontics in South Gate, CA
Emergency Dental Care in South Gate, CA

Emergency Dental Care in South Gate

Need an emergency dentist in South Gate, California? Contact us right away at Downey Dental Arts and we will be happy to help with your dental emergency — from knocked out teeth to severe pain.


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