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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Downey, CA

Wisdom teeth are, in some ways, a rite of passage for teenagers. The problem is they often crowd out other teeth. If it’s time to remove your wisdom teeth (or your teenager’s), Downey Dental Arts can make it happen safely and smoothly.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

In the very back of the mouth, a third set of molars called “wisdom teeth” typically come in between the ages of 17 and 25. The wisdom teeth got their catchy name because they herald the onset of adulthood. This last set of permanent teeth begins to grow as early as age 7, and we can usually spot them on X-rays in the pre-teen years.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Need Dentist Removal?

It’s not a given that wisdom teeth will need removal. We assess each patient individually to determine whether wisdom tooth extraction is necessary at our Downey dental office. A few reasons as to why it might be better to take out wisdom teeth include:

Teeth overcrowding: Wisdom teeth often crowd other teeth when they come in, causing issues down the line.

Gum Health: It’s very difficult to clean wisdom teeth, so it’s often better to remove them to avoid gum disease complications.

Pain: Wisdom teeth may become impacted or create pain when they start to erupt.

Sinus Complications: It may seem strange, but wisdom teeth problems can impact the nearby sinuses, potentially contributing to sinus headaches and issues.

When Should Wisdom Teeth Be Extracted?

Typically, wisdom teeth are removed after they erupt in teenagers and young adults. However, if the teeth are having issues erupting properly, we may want to remove them early to avoid pain and problems. Sometimes adults never have their wisdom teeth removed but start having issues with gum disease. Thus, we may recommend wisdom teeth extraction.

Wisdom Tooth Removal in Downey CA
Wisdom Tooth Removal in Downey CA

What Is the Process for Wisdom Teeth Removal?

When you visit us at Downey Dental Arts for a wisdom tooth consultation, we will begin with a complete exam to determine the best course of action. Advanced digital X-rays will be taken so we can see exactly what is going on with your wisdom teeth and where they are in your mouth. We will prep you for the wisdom tooth extraction procedure and schedule it at a convenient time for you. It is best to have a driver take you to and from the appointment due to the oral sedation used.

How Are Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Depending on the nature of the wisdom teeth, including whether they are partially or fully impacted, we will choose one of two options in removing them:

Simple extraction of wisdom teeth: Simple extraction can be an option with fully erupted teeth and no contraindications. We will remove these wisdom teeth using forceps.

Surgical extraction: Wisdom teeth that are impacted partially and/or fully will need surgical extraction. Surgical extraction is also recommended for teeth that are diseased, decayed, or infected. The tissue supporting the tooth will need to be handled, so surgical extraction provides that extra level of care.

We will use self-dissolving sutures to help the area heal following extraction.

Is Wisdom Teeth Extraction Painful?

Wisdom teeth extraction shouldn’t scare you. We offer a number of options to reduce the pain, including oral medication prior to the appointment, along with numbing agents during the procedure. For people who would like more sedation, anesthesia may be an option for an additional cost. Afterward, over-the-counter pain medicine can help with any lingering pain.

What is Recovery From Wisdom Tooth Removal Like?

Recovery from wisdom teeth removal should not take too long, approximately two weeks. The mouth might be a bit swollen and sore at first, and over-the-counter NSAIDs may help. It’s important to take the prescribed antibiotics for the entire duration to ward off infection. An issue called “dry socket” can also occur where the wound doesn’t clot properly. Contact us right away if you notice anything amiss. Most people will recover from wisdom tooth removal with no problems.

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What Are the Costs of Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

The cost of wisdom teeth removal varies and depends on the number of teeth and whether or not they are fully or partially impacted. Extra sedation in the form of anesthesia will also impact the cost of extraction. Thus, you can expect to spend a few hundred dollars per tooth. Dental insurance coverage may help with costs, and you might choose to split up the extractions and do two teeth at a time, for example. We also offer convenient financing options that we can discuss during your consultation.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Downey

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