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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Downey, CA

Are you tired of feeling pain and soreness from a troublesome wisdom tooth? Our expert wisdom tooth extractions will gently and effectively get rid of that unnecessary and painful tooth and restore your comfort.

At Downey Dental Arts, we work hard to guarantee you receive a comfortable and relaxing wisdom tooth extraction experience. Let us help you maintain your dental health without worry or pain.

Why Do I Need to Have a Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

The extraction of a wisdom tooth is a very common and important procedure for many people. As a wisdom tooth (or teeth) surfaces above your gum line, oral issues can emerge that can lead to serious future complications such as:

  • Sinus complications: Intense sinus pressure, congestion, and pain can all be caused by an emerging wisdom tooth.
  • Teeth overcrowding: Overcrowding of your teeth can harm your alignment, cause disruptive pain and can even reverse the effects of a teeth straightening treatment.
  • Impacted wisdom tooth: This complication occurs when your erupting wisdom tooth is either completely or partly trapped beneath the surface of your gums.

Benefits of a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

  • Gets rid of the uncomfortable symptoms a wisdom tooth can cause including pain, soreness or swelling
  • Effectively preserves your comfort and oral health
  • Prevents against future teeth overcrowding
  • Eliminates the possibility of a wisdom tooth infection

The Wisdom Tooth Removal Process

We first begin with an initial consultation, which will include x-rays to discover the precise location and depth of your wisdom teeth. Our esteemed Dr. Omid Barkhordar will then perform an examination and consult with you to determine a unique treatment plan that will make sure your procedure is comfortable and your recovery time is minimal.

In order to ensure that your entire visit is relaxing and comfortable, we will first perform the sedation method chosen during your consultation. Dr. Barkhordar will then proficiently and gently make an incision in your gum so he can remove the tissue that joins your wisdom tooth to your bone. The wisdom tooth will then be removed. In order to protect the extraction site from debris and bacteria and to halt bleeding, we will apply gauze and self-dissolving sutures. Once your extraction is complete, we will send you home with healing instructions and any needed medication prescriptions to ensure a comfortable and fast recovery.

Don't Delay Your Wisdom Tooth Removal!

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